Sexual Harassment

The Bridgewater, New Jersey law firm of MONTGOMERY FETTEN offers extensive experience and a record of favorable results for clients in representing victims of sexual harassment and sex discrimination as well as other forms of workplace discrimination.

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Sexual Harassment Claims

Supreme Court rulings in the 1970s established that sexual harassment at work is a form of sex discrimination outlawed under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is illegal for owners, supervisors, or co-workers to create a hostile working environment for (employees) by subjecting them to:

  • Unwanted advances or pressure for dates
  • Pressure for sex in exchange for keeping their job, promotions, etc.
  • Sexual touching or violating personal boundaries
  • Comments about an employees’ body or clothing
  • Sexually suggestive comments, jokes, or pictures in the workplace
  • Taunts or ridicule based on the employee’s gender
  • Employer retaliation for reporting sexual harassment or other discrimination

Sexual harassment is not always about sex.

Sexual harassment does not always involve sexual comments, jokes or advances. It can also include general hostility directed at a person because of their sex such as that which might occur when a female becomes employed in a traditionally male setting and co-workers try to force her to quit.

Sexual harassment can include a general hostility toward someone because of their gender or sexual orientation.

Damages in Sexual Harassment Suits

MONTGOMERY FETTEN can help to, first of all, make sure the harassment stops. In seeking legal remedy for clients, we determine what the goal is: Does the employee wish to stay with the company? If so, we can seek sanction and damages against the harasser(s) as well as the employer including back pay and emotional damages. We can also take steps to protect the employee from retaliation by the employer for having made a complaint of sexual harassment. If the employee has already left the company, we may seek back pay and “front pay” (what they would have earned if still with the company), as well as damages for emotional trauma or punitive damages if the behavior was egregious or repeated.

Contact the New Jersey sexual harassment attorneys of MONTGOMERY FETTEN in a free initial consultation, we can evaluate your claim and advise you on a strategy to address the behavior and hold the employer accountable for damages. We have attorneys who speak Spanish.

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