Premises Liability

  • Slip and fall
  • Construction site accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Dog or animal bite
  • Inadequate security

Premises liability law involves the legal responsibilities of property owners and occupiers to prevent injuries to persons on their property. One of the most common causes of such injuries is a trip or slip and fall, such as on an icy sidewalk, a loose or uneven stair tread, or a piece of debris or spilled liquid on the floor. Property owner liability varies depending on the rules and principles adopted in the jurisdiction where the injury occurred.

Many injuries that we call “accidents” could have been prevented. If you or a family member has been seriously hurt on private, commercial or public property because of negligent conditions, contact the premises accident attorneys ofMONTGOMERY FETTEN. Call today to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can evaluate the strength of your premises liability claim and help you recover damages for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Our firm offers aggressive representation to injured victims throughout New Jersey. Our experienced and successful attorneys have maximized our client’s recoveries in premises liability verdicts and settlements in wide variety of claims:

  • Slip and fall: We represent clients in fall-down accidents caused by a slippery floor, icy sidewalk, broken or dangerous stairs or walkways or other hazardous conditions that the owner either knows about or fails through the exercise of reasonable care to discovery and eliminate. Broken wrists, arms, elbows and ankles are common, as well as back and head injuries including herniated discs resulting in permanent disabilities.
  • Dog or animal bite: under most circumstances a dog owner is always liable for injuries, whether or not the animal has attacked anyone before. Serious scarring and nerve damage are frequent outcomes, as well as emotional trauma for victims of such attacks including lifelong trauma sustained by children. Although animal-attack claims most commonly involve dog bites, many other types of domesticated animals, such as ferrets, cats, and even birds, can also bite humans. Even nondomesticated animals, such as large cats ordinarily found in the wild, but owned by some people as pets have been known to attack children and adults.
  • Construction site accidents: Property owners and contractors are ordinarily responsible for the provision of safe premises including discovery of and elimination of dangerous conditions, signage and warning of dangerous areas, construction vehicle safety, and unsafe conditions during construction, such as holes, sharp edges, debris and unstable piles. Such injuries can cause severe pain and suffering and result in permanent disability including loss of past and future wages.
  • Inadequate security: Lack of security at residential and business premises resulting in bodily injury. Victims under such circumstances often are severely traumatized resulting in significant suffering and permanent injuries.
  • Swimming pool accidents: Failure to eliminate or warn against hazardous conditions, lack of supervision or failure to provide appropriate safety barriers. Many times such swimming pool accidents result in devastating and tragic injuries and residuals with lifelong disabilities.
  • Nursing home accidents : If you or a loved one have been injured in a nursing home you may be entitled to compensation for damages and reimbursement of attorneys fees.

Experienced Premises Liability Lawyers

Our premises accident attorneys investigate and document the dangerous conditions to help clients gain maximum compensation through settlement or jury trial. The veteran partners of MONTGOMERY FETTEN have more than 75 years of combined experience in courtroom litigation, including extensive experience in insurance defense. Having worked for the other side, they possess valuable knowledge about what a claim is worth to the insurance company and how the insurer will fight your claim.

If you have been injured and believe you have a property owner or landlord liability claim, contact the premises accident attorneys of MONTGOMERY FETTEN. We offer a free initial consultation. If we take your case, we often can represent you on a contingency basis – you pay no attorneys’ fees unless we recover damages for you. We have attorneys who speak Spanish.

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